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Clinic Psoriasis :: Help A Patient

Help A Patient

Patient Referral Program

One of the objective of Clinic Psoriasis is to provide treatment plan to every one effected by psoriasis. Every one deserves to see clean and clear skin.
You as a patient under the Psorcure Treatment are already Patients Referral Program seeing the benefits.
We encourage all of you to tell your friends and others you know who are also effected by this ugly disease.
As a token of appreciation to this effort of yours we will reward you bonus points which you can apply to any future purchase made from our Pharmacy.
Here is how this referral program works
You will use the Patient Referral Program Form from our website and fill in the name and email address of your friends and or psoriasis patients known to you ( up to 3 friends per form)
If any of your friends comes to clinic, gets registered and makes any purchase, you will receive 1 point for every $ paid by your friend.
These points will carry same value as other points you are collecting from your own purchases at our Pharmacy.

In this process we are not forgetting your friends.

They will also be rewarded.
Each one of your friend referred through Patient Referral Program will receive a discount coupon which he or she can apply on any one purchase made from our Pharmacy as per the terms and conditions specified in the discount coupon.

We know as well as you know that there are so many people suffering from Psoriasis Disease. They are also fighting their heart out to get rid of this disease.

Please fill out Patient Referral Program form and invite them to visit our clinic and see how they can be benefited from Psorcure Treatment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I fill out the form?

  • Please click here or click on "Help A Patient" icon on the top right corner of the pharmacy page.
  • you should loged in to access this page or if you are not registered yet then please get registered on pharmacy. To get registered please click here.
  • Fill out the three email addresses and your personal massage in the form and then submit.
  • All your patient friends mentioned in this form will be sent email massage with your personal massage.
  • the system will store these email addresses to track and award you in case some of your friends get registered with our pharmacy.
  • None of the email address are accessible to any of our administrator staff and doctors untill your referred patient gets formally registered with us.

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